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what a lovely Saturday;

Worked a few hours. Went for a nice 10 mile bike ride on the green way. Went grocery shopping at the fresh market. Cleaned. Made myself a healthy dinner that consisted of Lime italian salmon, yellow curry cauliflower, and brussel sprouts. I never really cook for for myself because im not the biggest fan for cooking for just one but tonight was different. I put some music on and enjoyed preparing myself a good healthy meal. ( Kinda wish daniel would have been off work so he could have helped, hes been cooking up some amazing dishes lately) but i need to start cooking more so this was a good start. I put on movie(and yes thats twilight) ate my tasty dinner and hung out with my lark puppy.  Its been a beautiful blessed saturday! with some good me time. and saturday is not over, the night is young:)

p.s i need to decided what to do with my hair. in need of a haircut and trying to decide if i wanna keep the pink let my natural grow out(its half way there!) or rebleach and make it another color. hmmmmm

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